Jalapa is an extension to the security model of Java, that allows for specifying, analysing and enforcing history-based usage policies. Programmers can sandbox an untrusted piece of code with a policy, enforced at run-time through its local scope.


The following documentation is available about Jalapa:

  • a tutorial on the installation and use of Jalapa.
  • a specification of the syntax and semantics of usage policies.
  • the manual page of the Jisel bytecode rewriter, that defines its command-line syntax

The following publications describe the underlying theory of Jalapa:

Code modifications

Code modifications must be done through the Subversion repository. You can check out the repository through svn as follows:

svn co https://jalapa.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jalapa jalapa

Jalapa can be run by any Java Runtime Environment, starting from version 1.5.