Talk: Flow Unfolding of Multi-clock Nets

Post date: 10-Jun-2014 14:22:10

Upcoming Seminar

Flow Unfolding of Multi-clock Nets

June 18, 14.30 (Lab 5)

Palazzo delle Scienze - Cagliari

Giovanni Casu

Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica - University of Cagliari

Abstract. Unfoldings of nets are often related to event structures: each execution of a net can be viewed as a configuration in the associated event structure. This allows for a clear characterization of dependencies and the conflicts betweenoccurrences of transitions in the net. This relation is somehow lost if more compact representations of the executions of nets are considered, e.g. in trellises or merged processes of multi-clock nets. This talk aims to expose the work "Flow Unfolding of Multi-clock Nets" which will be presented in the Petri Nets 2014 conference.

In this talk we introduce an unfolding, called flow unfolding, that turns out to be related to flow event structures, hence dependencies and conflict are still represented. Furthermore, this unfolding gives also a more compact representation of the executions of a multi-clock net, similarly to what approaches like trellises or merged processes do.