New member: Gabriele Pulcini

Post date: 02-Oct-2013 16:20:04

Gabriele Pulcini has joined today our group for a postdoc. He got a joint PhD in “Philosophy and theory of human sciences” and in “Discrete mathematics and foundations of computer science” from the Department of Philosophy – University of Rome III and the University of Aix-Marseille II – Mathematical Institute of Luminy, with a PhD thesis entitled Permutative logic: a geometrical study on linear logic proofs.

Gabriele's research interests include:

  • Proof-theory and logical non-commutativity, linear logic, non-commutative linear logic, proof-theoretical methods applied to algebraic topology, topological methods applied to proof-theory.
  • Philosophy of logic, history of logic, philosophy of mathematics, foundations of mathematics, incompleteness phenomena, deflationism, demonstrative methods in number theory.
  • Proof-theoretical methods applied to molecular biology, non-monotonic reasoning, Curry-Howard correspondence in theoretical biology.

Welcome to Cagliari, Gabriele!