Seminar: Transcompiling and Analysing Firewalls

Post date: 06-Jun-2018 09:04:53

Upcoming Seminar

Transcompiling and Analysing Firewalls

June 11, 17.00 (Aula F)

Palazzo delle Scienze - Cagliari

Letterio Galletta

IMT Lucca (IT)

Abstract. Configuring and maintaining a firewall configuration is notoriously hard. On the one hand, network administrators have to know in detail the policy meaning, as well as the internals of the firewall systems and of their languages. On the other hand, policies are written in low-level, platform-specific languages where firewall rules are inspected and enforced along non trivial control flow paths. Further difficulties arise from Network Address Translation (NAT), an indispensable mechanism in IPv4 networking for performing port redirection and translation of addresses.