Notes on Artificial Intelligence

Post date: 29-Jan-2012 10:30:50

Upcoming Seminar

Notes on Artificial Intelligence

February 1st 2012 - 9.30-17.30

Piazza Informatica, Palazzo delle Scienze - Cagliari

Dr. Andrea Bracciali

SICSA Lecturer

University of Stirling (UK)

This module, in the form of a working seminar, will introduce some ideas from the field of Artificial Intelligence. The main aim of the seminar is to present a general overview of the field and some details about specific approaches. A lab session is expected to show some of the ideas discussed at work. There are not prerequisites for attending the seminar. A few pointers for further readings will be provided.

This seminar has been funded by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia through the Visiting Professor Program 2011.