Compliance and subtyping in timed session types

Post date: 24-Mar-2015 20:04:32

Upcoming paper (to appear in FORTE 2015)

Compliance and subtyping in timed session types

M. Bartoletti, T. Cimoli, M. Murgia, L. Pompianu and A. S. Podda

Abstract. We propose an extension of binary session types, to formalise timed communication protocols between two participants at the end-points of a session. We introduce a decidable compliance relation, which generalises to the timed setting the usual progress-based notion of compliance between untimed session types.

We then show a sound and complete technique to decide when a timed session type admits a compliant one, and if so, to construct the least session type compliant with a given one, according to the subtyping preorder induced by compliance. Decidability of subtyping follows from these results.

We exploit our theory to design and implement a message-oriented middleware, where distributed modules with compliant protocols can be dynamically composed, and their communications monitored, so to guarantee safe interactions.