Two postdoc positions

Post date: 29-Jan-2013 20:23:19

The Trustworthy Computational Societies research group (TCS) of the University of Cagliari is looking for two post-docs to join our ongoing projects.

We seek applicants with strong interest in some of the following topics: programming language design and implementation, concurrency theory, program analysis and verification, and security foundations. The successful candidates will in work in the TCS group at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Cagliari (Italy).

The scientific core of the group is the development of formal methods for security of concurrent and distributed systems, and the experimentation of these methods through actual implementations. The team is composed by both researchers in the fields of security and concurrency theory (process algebras, semantics and types for concurrency, linear logic) and developers. A detailed presentation of the research group TCS can be found at the website

Positions: 2 positions, each of 2 years and renewable for another year

Gross salary: ~23K EU / year

Requisites: applicants must hold a PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics or related discipline, and must produce evidence of expertise on the above-mentioned topics. The PhD degree must have been obtained not later than 10 years before the postdoc starts.

Starting date: may 2013 (with possibility of delaying until sept. on candidate request)

Location: Cagliari is located on the southern coast of Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean see. The Cagliari airport is only 15’ from the city centre, and it is connected with >70 direct flights (many of which are low-cost Ryanair flights) to Italy and Europe. The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters (average temp. 16.4C) and many sunny days (~300 days/year without precipitation). The main beach, Poetto, is only 10’ from the city centre. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is hosted in the Palazzo delle Scienze, located on top of a hill nearby the historical area of Castello.

Inquires may be made to Massimo Bartoletti,