Seminar: Towards type-safe sessions in Scala

Post date: 02-Sep-2015 15:39:19

Upcoming Seminar

Towards type-safe sessions in Scala

September 7, 15.00 (Aula F)

Palazzo delle Scienze - Cagliari

Alceste Scalas

Imperial College London

Abstract. I will present my ongoing work on LChannels, a Scala library for type-safe session-based communication. I will first give a brief introduction to the Scala language, and to Akka, an industrial-grade framework for distributed applications. I will explain how LChannels achieves type-safe local and distributed communication by exploiting two fundamental features of Scala and Akka: Promises/Futures, and actors. I will show how a protocol expressed as a session type can be converted into an LChannels protocol, and demonstrate how communication errors are detected at compile time.