Seminar: A Tool for Verifying Bisimilarity in CCP

Post date: 19-Jun-2013 08:20:15

Upcoming Seminar

A Tool for Verifying Bisimilarity in CCP

June 26, 10.00 (Aula F)

Palazzo delle Scienze - Cagliari

Andres Aristizabal

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali - Colombia

Abstract. Concurrent constraint programming (ccp) is a well-established formalism for specifying processes posting and querying (partial) information in shared-memory concurrent systems. Bisimilarity is recognized as the finest behavioural equivalence in concurrency theory.

In this talk we present a tool for verifying the adequate notion of bisimilarity in ccp [FoSSaCS'11] following the theoretical algorithms presented in [SAC'12] and [ICE'12]. Also we intend to describe the structure of the tool, thus, the steps which have to be followed in order to obtain an efficient and consistent tool.

All in all, we give the main insights of a web-based tool to verify strong and weak bisimilarity in ccp, i.e., preliminary concepts, the syntax used by the tool, some flowcharts describing important implemented algorithms, the structure of the tool and the way it works while interacting with an user.