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Alessandro Sebastian Podda

Sunset in Poetto Beach, Cagliari (credits by

Alessandro Sebastian Podda got a BSc and a MSc in Informatics (both with honours) at the University of Cagliari. In his Master thesis he presented a Java middleware for contract-oriented applications. 

Currently, he is a 3rd-year PhD student at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Cagliari, supervised by Massimo Bartoletti. His PhD activity is supported by a grant from RAS (Autonomous Region of Sardinia).

Research interest

Computer security, programming languages, distributed systems, cryptocurrencies, blockchains, smart contracts.

Formal publications

1) M. Bartoletti, T. Cimoli, M. Murgia, A. S. Podda, and L. Pompianu.
    A contract-oriented middleware, 2015. In Proc. FACSpdf here.

2) M. Bartoletti, T. Cimoli, M. Murgia, A. S. Podda, and L. Pompianu.
    Compliance and subtyping in timed session types, 2015. In Proc. FORTEpdf here.

3) N. Atzei, M. Bartoletti, T. Cimoli, S. Lande, M. Murgia, A. S. Podda and L. Pompianu.
    Contract-oriented programming with timed session types, 2017. To appear in BETTY Bookpdf here.

4) M. Bartoletti, S. Lande, A. S. Podda.
    A Proof-of-Stake protocol for consensus on Bitcoin subchains, 2017. Accepted - to be presented at WTSC 2017. (pdf soon)

Conferences/workshops and conventions

  • IIR 2015, 6th Italian Information Retrieval Workshop, Cagliari, IT (participant)
  • FACS 2015, 12th International Conference on Formal Aspects of Component Software, Niteròi/Rio de Janeiro, BR (speaker)
  • AppSec EU '16, OWASP AppSec Europe 2016 Conference, Rome, IT (participant)

Teaching activity

- 2014: Teaching assistant of Algorithms and data structures (BSc program in Informatics)
- 2014: Teaching assistant of Security Foundations (MSc program in Informatics)
- 2015: Teaching assistant of Foundations of Computer Science (BSc program in Informatics)
- 2015: Teaching assistant of Security Foundations (MSc program in Informatics)
- 2016: Seminar: "The Bitcoin Backbone Protocol - Garay15Eurocrypt" (PhDs and MSc program in Informatics)
- 2016: Teaching assistant of Foundations of Computer Science (BSc program in Informatics)
- 2016/17: Teaching assistant of Security Foundations (MSc program in Informatics)

PhD activity

PhD Schools

  • BISS 2015 (Bertinoro International Spring School), 9-13 March, University of Bologna, Bertinoro (CeUB) - Lecturers: Prof. Giuseppe Persiano (University of Salerno, Italy); Prof. Dario Bauso (University of Palermo, Italy); Prof. Catuscia Palamidessi (Director of Research at INRIA, France)
  • SSCSP 2016 (Summer School in Computer Security & Privacy), 5-9 September, University of Cagliari, Pula (Sardegna Ricerche) - Lecturers: Prof. Giorgio Giacinto (University of Cagliari, Italy), Prof. Lorenzo Cavallaro (Royal Holloway, University of London) and others