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Developer activity

Livio worked as developer at Xorovo in 2012 and he is author and maintainer of several open source projects (see also Github profile).

Software from research projects
  • BlockAPI - A Scala library for the development of custom analytics on blockchains
    Authors: Stefano Lande, Livio Pompianu
    Other contributors: see Acknowldegments

  • Bitcoin OP_RETURN Tool - A tool for extracting OP_RETURN metadata from the Bitcoin blockchain
    Authors: Livio Pompianu

  • Contract-oriented middleware - A Java middleware for contract-oriented applications
    Authors: Sebastian Podda, Livio Pompianu
    Other contributors: Nicola Atzei, Stefano Lande

Software from BSc and MSc projects
  • Voronoi Clarke & Wright Algorithm
    Operational Research - MSc 
    A modified version of Clarke and Wright Algorithm using the Voronoi tessellation. 
    Authors: Simone Barbieri, Andrea Loddo, Emanuele 
    Mameli, Alessandro Muntoni, Livio Pompianu

  • Convex Hull 3D
    Algorithms and Data Structures 2 - MSc
    It implements a Convex Hull of a set of points in a 3D space. 
    Authors: Livio Pompianu

    • BlueBlueRunning
      Operating System 2 - MSc
      An Android application which tracks user’s running training. Users training can be either saved locally (in .GPX format) or shared with Google Spreadsheet, Google Drive, Google Maps and Google Earth. 
      Authors: Simone Barbieri, Andrea Loddo, Emanuele 
      Mameli, Alessandro Muntoni, Livio Pompianu

      • Shooter Pacman - Operating System 1 - BSc
        A version of the famous videogame Pacman, in which Pacman and the ghost can shoot.
        Authors: Livio Pompianu